Arrest Records Search

Nothing is of more importance in life than to have peace and the assurance every day, that all is well. One of the keys to helping cut down illegal activities of our society consists of exercising our legal rights as individuals. One of these rights is to conduct research on individual criminal records. Although crime … Read more

Inmate Locator – More On Visiting Inmates

A Superintendent may deny, limit, suspend, or revoke the visitation privileges of any inmate or visitor if they have reasonable cause to believe that such action is necessary to maintain the safety, security, and good order of the facility. General Visiting Information 1. Identification:¬†Visitors are required to furnish proof of identification, which includes the … Read more

Inmate Locator – Visiting Inmates

Visitation by family and friends is encouraged and can be a positive influence during an inmate’s time in prison, as well as after the inmate’s release. Research has shown that an inmate who receives regular visitation adjusts much better once he or she is released from prison. Directions and Mileage:Correctional facilities are sometimes hard to … Read more

Inmate Locator – Is Locating Inmates Free?

Site Search ¬† In many states, criminal records are restricted and you need the person’s date of birth and social security number in order to conduct the search. Usually, prospective employers have this information but they are required by law to inform their applicants that a criminal background check is being conducted on them. They … Read more

Using An Online Records Search

With high levels of ex-convicts re-offending, it is only prudent that you run a background check on people in circumstances mentioned earlier. However, running a background check may not be as easy as it sounds. You can try the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ website which provides inmate locator service for a nominal fee and it … Read more

Inmate Locator – Telephone Calls To Inmates

Multiple Payment Options Available for Inmate Telephone Service, GTL provides the opportunity for inmate telephone accounts to be created and minutes purchased. The Department’s “Call-Home” program allows inmates to make phone calls as a way to maintain contact with family and friends. The inmate may only call you collect. This means you will have to … Read more

Inmate Locator – Sending Mail To An Inmate

Generally, correspondence is allowed and encouraged. The sending and receiving of mail by inmates will be restricted only to the extent necessary to prevent a threat to the safety and security of the facility, or the safety or well-being of any person, and to prevent unsolicited and unwanted mail. No inmate may correspond with any … Read more

Locator Inmate – How Do I Find An Inmate?

A Department Identification Number (DIN) is assigned to each inmate admitted to the Department of Correctional Services (DOCS) in most states. It is an internal number used as an identifier for the inmate while he/she is in the custody of the department. This number can be used to locate your loved one, and you need … Read more