Prisons and Jails in Louisiana

To send pictures and letters to an inmate, you’ll have to know their DOC number and the address of the facility. A quick Louisiana inmate search can usually turn up an inmate’s address and all the information you’ll need to do all this. Today, most facilities offer e-mail correspondance through Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer … Read more

Steps to Access Criminal Records in Missouri

Key Do’s and Don’ts When Accessing Missouri Criminal Records When you’re searching to find registered offenders in Missouri, it is paramount to conduct your search in a responsible and legal manner. The following do’s and don’ts will guide you through the process and help ensure that the information you obtain is used appropriately. Steps to … Read more

ᐅ Colorado Prisons

The Colorado Inmate Locator is an essential tool for tracking prisoners held in various correctional facilities within the state, including local jails. This system allows the public to easily find the current location of inmates who are under the custody of the Colorado Department of Corrections. The locator is particularly useful for identifying inmates housed … Read more

Prisons and Jails in Kentucky

Our Kentucky Inmate Records Database offers comprehensive information on inmates incarcerated in prisons and jails across Kentucky (KY). This resource provides an efficient way to access inmate records, offering insights into individual inmate profiles, including their incarceration details and background information. Whether for research, legal inquiries, or personal reasons, this database serves as a vital … Read more

ᐅ New Hampshire Prison Inmate Search

New Hampshire Jail Inmate Search Search Federal Jail Inmate Reports on any Jail Inmate in New Hampshire. Direct access to comprehensive reports about each jail inmate throughout New Hampshire New Hampshire Jail inmate license records as well as many other vital records. The information here is extracted from records held at the DOC Offender Records … Read more

ᐅ Tennessee Prison Inmate Search

Tennessee Jail Inmate Search Locate Federal Jail Inmate Reports on each Jail Inmate throughout Tennessee. Immediate access to detailed reports on each jail inmate. TN Jail inmate license records in addition to many other vital records. The information available in this application pertains to Tennessee felony offenders who are or who have been in the … Read more

ᐅ New Mexico Prison Inmate Search

New Mexico Jail Inmate Search Browse Federal Jail Inmate Reports on every Jail Inmate located in New Mexico. (New Mexico Corrections Department) Direct access to complete information regarding any jail inmate in New Mexico New Mexico Jail inmate license records, as well as lots of other vital records.