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Arizona, Major Correctional Facilities
Browse Federal Jail Inmate Reports on every Jail Inmate in Arizona. Instant access to complete reports regarding each jail inmate in Arizona
Arizona jail inmate license records as well as other vital records.
List of Jails and Prisons, Arizona.
Complete list of prisons with actual addresses and phone numbers in Arizona

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How do you search out why someone is in Jail or Prison?
You can contact the Clerk of the Court to get the transcripts of the case and the sentencing where they were adjudicated or USE SEARCH FORM below

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Inmate Access to Information from ADC’s Inmate Data search
The Arizona Jail Inmates archive brings together millions of Jail inmate records to save you days of searching. Locate the Jail inmate records found at Arizona county and city courthouses with a fast search. With so many jail inmate records available for you to browse, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for.

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