California Prisons

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Prison Industry vs Prisoner Rehabilitation In Florida

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The State of Florida has continually denied the convict a chance for a better life. They have sold him to labor for private industries and have not utilized the systems in place such as Liberal Arts Education and Vocational Rehabilitation to assist the convict in becoming a functioning member of society.

William A Mcrae, the Head of the Florida State Prison in 1913 stated: “What has the state done for the convict? Nothing. But we have taken the money for his labor and used some for every known purpose except one. . . the betterment of his unfortunate condition.”

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List of Jails and Prisons Rhode Island

Rhode Island PrisonThe following is a guide to Rhode Island Prison and Prison Information Profiles. Here you can find information about the visit and hours, how to send money to the prisoner’s commissioner account, postal addresses of prisoners and items to which prisoners are allowed to send letters, the name of the boss, phone numbers to contact the institution, where to search for the prisoner for free and much more . Due to the fact that all prisons and prisons are subject to changes in this published information, it is better to consult with a prisoner or contact the institution directly on the telephone number provided.

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List of Jails and Prisons Texas

The following is a directory of information profiles of Prisons and Jails. Here you can find visiting information and hours, how to send money to an inmate’s commissary account, inmate mailing addresses and the items the inmates are allowed mailed to them, the warden’s name, phone numbers to contact the facility, where to do an inmate search for free and more. Due to the nature of all jails and prisons being subject to a change in this posted information, it is best to check with an inmate or contact the institution directly at the telephone number provided.

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Arrest Records Search

Nothing is of more importance in life than to have peace and the assurance every day, that all is well. One of the keys to helping cut down illegal activities of our society consists of exercising our legal rights as individuals. One of these rights is to conduct research on individual criminal records. Although crime … Read more