Supporting Families During Incarceration

Recognizing the emotional challenges faced by families during a loved one’s incarceration, we provide a range of resources aimed at fostering connections and preparing for a successful reentry into society. Ensuring that inmates and their families maintain a relationship is crucial for emotional support and rehabilitation.

Resources for Family and Friend Connectivity during a Difficult Time

Maintaining a strong family connection while separated by incarceration can be incredibly supportive for inmates. We offer:

  • User-friendly Inmate Locator tools that allow families to easily find their loved ones and stay informed on their location.
  • Inmate Locator | Inmate search by name

  • Communication guides that explain how to send letters, make phone calls, and visit inmates within the rules of the correctional facility.
  • Guide to Communicating with Inmates

  • Emotional support resources, including counseling referrals and support groups specifically designed to assist families of the incarcerated.
  • Support Resources for Families of Incarcerated Individuals

    Reentry and Transition Resources to Prepare for Future Reunification

    Successfully reintegrating into society after incarceration is a critical phase for former inmates. We support this transition by providing:

    • Pre-release planning materials to help inmates and their families prepare for life after release.
    • Job training and employment services that facilitate the search for sustainable employment opportunities.
    • Reentry programs that focus on skill-building, education, and family reunification strategies.

    Preparing for Release

    Victim Notification Systems for Peace of Mind

    For victims and their families, knowing the status and location of an inmate can be crucial. Our services include:

    • Automated notification services that alert registered victims about changes in an inmate’s status, release dates, and parole hearings.
    • Resources for victims’ rights, ensuring they are informed and their voices are heard throughout the judicial process.

    Our aim is to facilitate communication and offer reassurance during the challenging times of incarceration, promoting healing and readiness for the days ahead.

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