Idaho Prison and Jail Information Directory

How do I find out if someone’s in jail in Idaho?

Creating an Idaho Prison and Jail Information Directory would involve compiling a comprehensive list of facilities within the state, including state prisons, county jails, and federal prisons located in Idaho. This directory would serve as a valuable resource for individuals seeking information about these facilities, whether for locating an inmate, understanding visiting hours, or contacting the institutions for any other purpose. Here’s a basic outline of what such a directory might look like:

Idaho State Correctional Institutions

Idaho State Correctional Institution (ISCI): Located in Kuna, ISCI is a state prison that houses medium to maximum-security inmates. This facility is responsible for the intake and classification of inmates entering the state system.

Pocatello Women’s Correctional Center (PWCC): Situated in Pocatello, this facility is dedicated to housing female inmates and offers various programs aimed at rehabilitation and education.
Pocatello Women’s Correctional Center (PWCC)
1451 Fore Road
Pocatello ID 83204

County Jails

Ada County Jail: Located in Boise, this facility is operated by the Ada County Sheriff’s Office and houses inmates awaiting trial or serving short sentences.
Canyon County Jail: Found in Caldwell, this jail holds inmates pre-trial or those serving sentences for misdemeanor offenses.

Federal Prisons

Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Pocatello: A medium-security federal prison housing male offenders. This facility is part of the Federal Bureau of Prisons and offers programs tailored to inmate rehabilitation.

How to Use the Directory

Locating an Inmate: To find an inmate, you would typically start by identifying whether they are in a state prison, county jail, or federal prison. Each facility type has its own database or contact method for inmate lookup.

How do you search out why someone is in Jail or Prison?
You can contact the Clerk of the Court to get the transcripts of the case and the sentencing where they were adjudicated or USE SEARCH FORM below

Criminal Records Search

Jail Name, County, Phone Address, URL
Parma Jail 33 North 3rd Street,
(Canyon County)
☏ 208-722-5900 Idaho, 83660
Payette Jail 700 Center Avenue,
(Payette County)
Payette, Idaho, 83661
☏ 208-642-6026 Web Site - Payette Jail
Payette County Jail 1130 3rd Avenue North,
(Payette County)
Payette, Idaho, 83661
☏ 208-642-6006 Web Site - Payette County Jail
Pinehurst Jail 106 North Division StreetPO Box 417,
(Shoshone County)
☏ 208-682-3662 Idaho, 83850
Plummer Jail 880 C StreetPO Box B,
(Benewah County)
Plummer, Idaho, 83851
☏ 208-686-1641 ext 24 Web Site - Plummer Jail
Pocatello Police Jail 911 North 7th Avenue,
(Bannock County)
Pocatello, Idaho, 83201
☏ 208-234-6100 Web Site - Pocatello Police Jail
Pocatello Women's Correctional Center (PWCC) 1451 Fore Road,
(Bannock County)
Pocatello, Idaho, 83204
☏ 208-236-6360 Web Site - Pocatello Women's Correctional Center (PWCC)
Bannock (District VI) Juvenile Detention Center 137 South 5th Avenue,
(Bannock County)
Pocatello, Idaho, 83205
☏ 208-234-1080 Web Site - Bannock (District VI) Juvenile Detention Center
Bannock County Detention Center 137 South 5th Avenue,
(Bannock County)
Pocatello, Idaho, 83205
☏ 208-236-7116 Web Site - Bannock County Detention Center
Ponderay Jail 476770 Highway 95PO Box 500,
(Bonner County)
Ponderay, Idaho, 83852
☏ 208-265-4251 Web Site - Ponderay Jail
Post Falls Jail 1717 East Polston Avenue,
(Kootenai County)
Post Falls, Idaho, 83854
☏ 208-773-3517 Web Site - Post Falls Jail
Franklin County Jail 39 West Oneida,
(Franklin County)
Preston, Idaho, 83263
☏ 208-852-1234 Web Site - Franklin County Jail
Preston Jail 70 West Oneida,
(Franklin County)
Preston, Idaho, 83263
☏ 208-852-2433 Web Site - Preston Jail
Rathdrum Police Lockup 8178 West Main Street,
(Kootenai County)
Rathdrum, Idaho, 8358
☏ 208-687-0711 Web Site - Rathdrum Police Lockup
Madison County Jail 145 East Main Street,
(Madison County)
Rexburg, Idaho, 83440
☏ 208-356-5426 Web Site - Madison County Jail
Rexburg Jail 25 East Main StreetPO Box 280,
(Madison County)
☏ 208-359-3008 Idaho, 83440
Jefferson County Jail 200 Courthouse Way,
(Jefferson County)
Rigby, Idaho, 83442
☏ 208-745-9210 Web Site - Jefferson County Jail
Rigby Jail 173 East Main Street,
(Jefferson County)
Rigby, Idaho, 83442
☏ 208-745-1951 Web Site - Rigby Jail
Mini-Cassia Juvenile Detention Center 718 H StreetPO Box 368,
(Cassia County)
Rupert, Idaho, 83350
☏ 208-436-7199 Web Site - Mini-Cassia Juvenile Detention Center
Rupert Jail 620 Fremont Street,
(Minidoka County)
Rupert, Idaho, 83350
☏ 208-878-1000, 208-43 Web Site - Rupert Jail
Lemhi County Jail 206 Courthouse Drive,
(Lemhi County)
Salmon, Idaho, 82467
☏ 208-756-8980 Web Site - Lemhi County Jail
Lemhi County Juvenile Detention Center 206 Courthouse Drive,
(Lemhi County)
☏ 208-756-8980 Idaho, 82467
Salmon Jail 200 Main Street,
(Lemhi County)
Salmon, Idaho, 83467
☏ 208-756-3214 Web Site - Salmon Jail
Sandpoint Jail 1123 Lake Street,
(Bonner County)
Sandpoint, Idaho, 83864
☏ 208-265-1482 Web Site - Sandpoint Jail
Bonner County Jail 4001 North Boyer Avenue,
(Bonner County)
Sandpoint, Idaho, 83864-8066
☏ 208-263-8417 Web Site - Bonner County Jail
Shelley Jail 115 South Emerson Avenue,
(Bingham County)
Shelley, Idaho, 83274
☏ 208-357-3446 Web Site - Shelley Jail
Shoshone Jail 110 West A Street,
(Lincoln County)
Shoshone, Idaho, 83352
☏ 208-886-2036 Web Site - Shoshone Jail
Lincoln County Jail 111 West B StreetPO Box 246,
(Lincoln County)
Shoshone, Idaho, 83352
☏ 208-886-2250 Web Site - Lincoln County Jail
Caribou County Jail 475 East 2nd South Street,
(Caribou County)
Soda Springs, Idaho, 83276
☏ 208-547-2561 Web Site - Caribou County Jail
Soda Springs Jail 159 East 2nd South,
(Caribou County)
Soda Springs, Idaho, 83276
☏ 208-547-3213 Web Site - Soda Springs Jail
Spirit Lake Lockup 6159 West Maine Street,
(Kootenai County)
Spirit Lake, Idaho, 83869
☏ 208-623-2701 Web Site - Spirit Lake Lockup
St. Anthony Work Camp (SAWC) 125 North 8th West,
(Fremont County)
St. Anthony, Idaho, 83445
☏ 208-624-3775 Web Site - St. Anthony Work Camp (SAWC)
Fremont County Jail 146 North 2nd West,
(Fremont County)
St. Anthony, Idaho, 83445
☏ 208-624-4482 Web Site - Fremont County Jail
St. Anthony Jail 817 West First North Street,
(Fremont County)
St. Anthony, Idaho, 83445
☏ 208-624-4001 Web Site - St. Anthony Jail
Five County Juvenile & Youth Rehabilitation Center 423 North 2300 East,
(Fremont County)
St. Anthony, Idaho, 83445
☏ 208-624-1345 ext 104 Web Site - Five County Juvenile & Youth Rehabilitation Center
Corrections Center - St. Anthony (Juvenile) 2220 East 600 North,
St. Anthony, Idaho, 83445
☏ 208-624-3462 Web Site - Corrections Center - St. Anthony (Juvenile)
St. Maries Jail 602 West College Avenue,
(Benewah County)
St. Maries,
☏ 208-245-5102 Idaho, 83861
Benewah County Jail 701 College Avenue,
(Benewah County)
St. Maries,
☏ 208-245-2555 Idaho, 83861
Stanley Jail PO Box 53Highway 21,
(Custer County)
Stanley, Idaho, 83278
☏ 208-774-3711 Web Site - Stanley Jail
Sun Valley Jail 81 Elkhorn Road,
(Blaine County)
Sun Valley, Idaho, 83353
☏ 208-622-5345 Web Site - Sun Valley Jail
Troy Jail 519 South Main Street,
(Latah County)
Troy, Idaho, 83871
☏ 208-835-3190 Web Site - Troy Jail
Twin Falls Jail 321 2nd Avenue East,
(Twin Falls County)
Twin Falls, Idaho, 83301
☏ 208-735-4357 Web Site - Twin Falls Jail
Twin Falls Community Center 616 Washington Street South,
(Twin Falls County)
Twin Falls,
☏ 208-736-3095 Idaho, 83301
Snake River Juvenile Detention Center 2515 Wright Avenue,
(Twin Falls County)
Twin Falls,
☏ 208-736-2588 Idaho, 83301
Twin Falls County Detention Facility 504 Gooding Street North,
(Twin Falls County)
Twin Falls, Idaho, 83303
☏ 208-734-9090 Web Site - Twin Falls County Detention Facility
Ucon Police Jail PO Box 98,
(Bonneville County)
☏ 208-523-3971 Idaho, 83454
Shoshone County Jail 717 Bank Street,
(Shoshone County)
Wallace, Idaho, 83873
☏ 208-556-1114 Web Site - Shoshone County Jail
Washington County Jail 262 East Court Street,
(Washington County)
Weiser, Idaho, 83672
☏ 208-414-21241 Web Site - Washington County Jail
Weiser Jail 262 East Court Street,
(Washington County)
Weiser, Idaho, 83672
☏ 208-414-2244 Web Site - Weiser Jail
Wendell Jail 375 First Avenue East,
(Gooding County)
☏ 208-536-2935 Idaho, 83355
Wilder Jail 217 Third StreetPO Box 687,
(Canyon County)
Wilder, Idaho, 83676
☏ 208-482-6401 Web Site - Wilder Jail
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