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The Colorado Inmate Locator is an essential tool for tracking prisoners held in various correctional facilities within the state, including local jails. This system allows the public to easily find the current location of inmates who are under the custody of the Colorado Department of Corrections. The locator is particularly useful for identifying inmates housed in facilities such as the Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County, California, and other Division of Correction facilities in Colorado. These facilities are known for providing safe and humane conditions for inmates, contributing to overall public safety. The jail, one of the largest in the U.S., offers modern amenities but has faced controversies, including overcrowding and incidents of violence. For detailed offender information beyond location, such as charges or bond details, contacting the court of jurisdiction is necessary. The locator also aids families and friends in keeping track of inmates who may be transferred between jails for safety reasons.

How do you search out why someone is in Jail or Prison?
You can contact the Clerk of the Court to get the transcripts of the case and the sentencing where they were adjudicated or USE SEARCH FORM below

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Jail Name, County, Phone Address, URL
Woodland Park Jail 911 Tamarac ParkwayPO Box 7255,
(Teller County)
Woodland Park, Colorado, 80866
☏ 719-687-9262 Web Site - Woodland Park Jail
Yuma County Jail 310 Ash Street,
(Yuma County)
Suite G, Wray, Colorado, 80758
☏ 970-332-4805 Web Site - Yuma County Jail
Wray Jail 326 West 4th Street,
(Yuma County)
Wray, Colorado, 80758
☏ 970-332-4802 Web Site - Wray Jail
Yuma Jail 216 East 3rd Avenue,
(Yuma County)
Yuma, Colorado, 80759
☏ 970-848-5441 Web Site - Yuma Jail
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Find state Departments of Corrections for information about state and local prisons and prisoners held in these facilities. Prisons and Jails in Colorado.

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