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Locate Federal Jail Inmate Reports on every Jail Inmate throughout Florida. Immediate availability of detailed records about any jail inmate throughout Florida.

Florida Jail inmate license records as well as several other vital records.

You never tell and if a certain people had such criminal records if you don’t diligently conduct one private analysis upon someone. Florida state prison inmate search | criminal files exist to be able to serve the people beneath various lawful sometimes. The federal government in the first place offers both the mandatory task to be able to document any kind of criminal arrest that actually occurred at a condition level. Both the governance of these types of pertinent documents however vary according to the guidelines and rules charged at other states.

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Florida State Prisons Inmate List

Inmate Name, AgeAddressPrisonPhoto
Lishawn L Sharon,
dob:January 29, 1987 >>>More Information
Raiford, FLFl Doc Florida State Prison West Unit
Inmate Lishawn L Sharon
Lucky A Anderson,
dob:December 14, 1986 >>>More Information
Lowell, FLFl Doc Marion Correctional Institution
Inmate Lucky A Anderson
Louis Burney,
dob:August 15, 1987 >>>More Information
Jasper, FLFl Doc Hamilton Correctional Institution Annex
Inmate Louis Burney
Lloyd A Smith,
dob:September 18, 1962 >>>More Information
Bushnell, FLFl Doc Sumter Correctional Institution
Inmate Lloyd A Smith
Luis A Dorta,
dob:April 9, 1992 >>>More Information
Carrabelle, FLFl Doc Franklin Correctional Institution
Inmate Luis A Dorta
Lonzo Taylor,
dob:November 1, 1975 >>>More Information
Sneads, FLFl Doc Apalachee Correctional Institution East Male
Inmate Lonzo Taylor
Lisa Marie Bailey, 40 >>>More InformationStarke, FLBradford County Fl Jail
Lisa M Suarez,
dob:October 22, 1976 >>>More Information
Clearwater, FLPinellas County Jail
Lisa M Morris, 50 >>>More InformationTallahassee, FLFlorida Department Of Corrections Fl Doc
Lloyd Johnson, 53 >>>More InformationTallahassee, FLFlorida Department Of Corrections Fl Doc
Lorenzo Foster, 49 >>>More InformationTallahassee, FLFlorida Department Of Corrections Fl Doc
release date:March 14, 2034
Lorenzo Lavell Brown, 24 >>>More InformationTallahassee, FLFlorida Department Of Corrections Fl Doc
Lorenzo Bailey, 18 >>>More InformationTallahassee, FLFlorida Department Of Corrections Fl Doc
Loyd Wayne Moore, 29 >>>More InformationTallahassee, FLFlorida Department Of Corrections Fl Doc
Luis Cabrera, 30 >>>More InformationClearwater, FLPinellas County Jail
Luis A Lopez, 34 >>>More InformationTallahassee, FLFlorida Department Of Corrections Fl Doc
Luis Ramirez, 30 >>>More InformationTallahassee, FLFlorida Department Of Corrections Fl Doc
Luis Vasquez, 69 >>>More InformationTallahassee, FLFlorida Department Of Corrections Fl Doc
Luz M Ramirez, 38 >>>More InformationTallahassee, FLFlorida Department Of Corrections Fl Doc
Lynsay A Lawson >>>More InformationJacksonville, FLDuval County Fl James I Montgomery Correctional Center Mcc
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