ᐅ Kentucky Prison Inmate Search

Kentucky Jail inmate

Kentucky Jail Inmate Search

Conducting a Kentucky Jail Inmate Search involves several steps to find information about individuals incarcerated in the state’s correctional facilities. Here’s a general guideline:

Identify the Facility: Kentucky houses inmates in various jails and prisons. Determine if the inmate is in a state prison or a county jail.

Online Inmate Locator Tools: The Kentucky Department of Corrections (KDOC) provides an online inmate search tool on their website. You can search using the inmate’s name or ID number.

Search Records By Name

How do you search out why someone is in Jail or Prison?
You can contact the Clerk of the Court to get the transcripts of the case and the sentencing where they were adjudicated or USE SEARCH FORM below

Criminal Records Search

Disclaimer: The following is provided for the purpose of providing useful statistical information that will assist the courts in determining an appropriate sentence. This is not an official document for or of the court. Unauthorized use of this information is strictly prohibited.  Kentucky Offender Search

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