Country Club Federal Prison – Allenwood

Committing a crime of any kind whatsoever will always be punishable by law, and whoever fails to comply or go against the laws of the state shall be dealt accordingly by the authority. Over the years a lot of us never really thought about those people who are in the hands of the federal government for their wrong acts. If you are one of them and have no idea where and under what conditions these people are being kept then read on. There are so many federal prisons in the United States that caters to both men and women on different levels; the Bureau of Prisons consists of five levels of security. The first one is the federal prison camp or FPC, it has a low number of inmates as well as staff and it only has a small quantity of border fences. Next is the Federal Correctional Institutions, or what most officials refer to as the FCI, this place is built with facilities that has a medium to small security. The other three are Federal Correctional Institutions (FCI), Federal Medical Centers (FMC), and the Federal Detention Centers; all these have different levels of security.

Of all of these centers, the federal prison camps have the lowest amount of security. It is because most of these camps consist of women law offenders, white collar criminals and such. This causes a perception that the people who are housed here, are considered by the outside population as people who are in country club prison camps. Meaning they still get privileges to do things that regular prisoner cannot do, they have certain freedoms to do some activities and enjoy each day as long as they obey the rules and regulations of the camp. In federal prison camp in Alderson, there aren’t any fences that are equipped with barbed wire; the people in the area have referred to the center as “Camp Cupcake”. One reason for this is that the inmates can still perform exercises and play sports. They also have the privilege of having visits from relatives or friends, where you can stroll around in the sun and sit at picnic tables, and play games. If you did not know you were in prison on a visitation, you might think you were at a park for the weekend with all the families and children running around.

The Allenwood federal prison camp which happens to be situated at the Union County of Greg Township Pennsylvania is famous for their notable inmates. Some of these inmates are Aldrich Ames, John Stanfa, Thomas Pitera and Raymond Lederer. John Stanfa has a five life sentence for the conviction of being a Philadelphia mobster, Raymond Lederer on the other hand is a former Pennsylvanian Congressman who was convicted for ABSCAM sometime around 1981. Thomas Pitera was part of the Bonnano crime group as a mafia capo, and he was given a life sentence for it, Aldrich Ames was a former member of the CIA, an agent who was convicted of being a spy for the Soviet Russian espionage and was also given a life sentence for his crime.

There are three levels in Allenwood all for male prisoners dealing with the level of the crime committed, The FCI Allenwood Medium, Low and The USP Allenwood. The USP stands for United States Penitentiary, and this camp has the highest amount of security level among other correctional institutions and prison camps.

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