Inmate Locator – Telephone Calls To Inmates

Multiple Payment Options Available for Inmate Telephone Service, GTL provides the opportunity for inmate telephone accounts to be created and minutes purchased. The Department’s “Call-Home” program allows inmates to make phone calls as a way to maintain contact with family and friends. The inmate may only call you collect. This means you will have to … Read more

Inmate Locator – Sending Mail To An Inmate

Generally, correspondence is allowed and encouraged. The sending and receiving of mail by inmates will be restricted only to the extent necessary to prevent a threat to the safety and security of the facility, or the safety or well-being of any person, and to prevent unsolicited and unwanted mail. No inmate may correspond with any … Read more

Locator Inmate – How Do I Find An Inmate?

A Department Identification Number (DIN) is assigned to each inmate admitted to the Department of Correctional Services (DOCS) in most states. It is an internal number used as an identifier for the inmate while he/she is in the custody of the department. This number can be used to locate your loved one, and you need … Read more

Country Club Federal Prison – Allenwood

Committing a crime of any kind whatsoever will always be punishable by law, and whoever fails to comply or go against the laws of the state shall be dealt accordingly by the authority. Over the years a lot of us never really thought about those people who are in the hands of the federal government … Read more